Characteristic of woods Flooring

Wood Floor Maintenance:

Wood flooring are easy to maintain, you can simply wipe the floor with a well squeezed cloth dipped in water. You also use professional wood floor cleaning product recommended by a wood flooring professional. Do not use a vacuum with a revolving brush and never use excessive amounts of water only a slightly damp mop. Wipe up food and other spills immediately with a dry towel to avoid black spots and clip your per nails to avoid scratches on floor.

Sound Proof:

Though wood floors are environmental friendly, it creates noise for those who are living in below condos. So it is highly effective to have a soundproof floor which avoid the floor to floor noise transmission and enhance in-room sound quality. With increased laminate, engineered, wood floorings, there is a demand for underlayment products to avoid the noise.

Heat Absorbtion:

Apart from the beauty and comfort, it can maintain the constant temperature. It has low thermal conductivity which feels the warmth or chillness of the room. A thinner floor will typically be a few degrees warmer than a floor with thicker boards. Some wood species offer slightly better performance for radiant flooring than others.

Value For Money:

A nice hardwood floor can add value to a home, when compared with other floorings. Wood floors are considered for its long life and simplicity of restoration and repairs. The maintenance costs for depreciation are initial, which spread out over the maximum number of years.

Long Term:

Wood floorings are durable and last for long period based on proper maintenance. After years it may have the possibility of erasing or scratches, etc, so it may require sanding and apply new coat of lacquer to have a new polish on the floor. Proper maintenance and care for wood floors will avoid damage from insects and decay.

Gorgeous Atmosphere:

No other material can match the feel, look and style of the wood floorings. Its natural beauty gives a prestigious sense and attracts the visitors.

Natural Material:

In modern world, wood plays a vital role which improves the quality of human. Mostly he depends on wood for all his resources which helped to shape society as well as his economy. Though wood products are energy efficient and its production requires little energy, they are eco-effective material where each of its parts are been used by human.