Teak Wood
Teak is a beautiful, durable, and naturally resistant to decay. These characteristics have made it a highly desirable wood for centuries, so today teak flooring create a mood of luxury. Teak flooring adds beauty to a home and increases its value.
Teak is a beautiful wood. The heartwood ranges in color from a rich gold to a beautiful reddish brown, while the sapwood is a lighter yellow-brown. Teak darkens naturally over time, so old teak floors are often a rich, deep brown. Teak has a tight, even grain. Teak flooring presents a smooth, uniform appearance.


Hardness(Janka) : 1155
Dimensional Stability : Excellent (Change coefficient . 00186)

Merbau Wood
Merbau is widely used for flooring due to its beautiful red brown look and marvelous physical characteristic, hardness, durability and moisture resistance. The percentage of shrinkage is low and it is very hard material and bright clean and beautiful appreance.


Hardness(Janka) : 1925
Dimensional Stability : Excellent


Padauk is an excellent choice for flooring which is decay resistant and durable. It is available in dark reddish color, purple brown color and rich reddish orange tone when freshly cut. It gives a rich look as rosewood and it is an aromatic wood. Padauk flooring is economical and easy maintenance.


Hardness(Janka) : 1725
Dimensional Stability : Excellent


Laurel is a dazing wood that are more like a stone than a wood. These woods are available in chocolate brown, gold, creams and even bluish tone with dark strips. We provide laurel woof floor in various size, color and thickness. Laurel wood floor are easy to install and available in beautifully designs.


Hardness(Janka) : 2100
Dimensional Stability : Good

American oak

American oak are highly imported wood that are available in various colors with a traditional and prestigious look. These Hardwood wood floors are moisture resistant and easy in terms for cutting and sanding. It can be fumed, filled and pre-finish as per the requirement of the customer.


Hardness(Janka) : 1360 / 1290
Dimensional Stability : Good


Jatoba wood floorings give an impression look for the housing and commercial areas. The sapwood of jatoba is grey-white and the heartwood is salmon red to orange -brown when fresh. Its grains are interwoven, texture ranges from medium to coarse and it is durable wood.


Hardness(Janka) : 2350
Dimensional Stability : Average


Brazilian oak is also known as Tauri, which are available in tan to medium brown in color and has low to high grain. This wood flooring gives visually appealing effect and it is resistant to insects, impact and decay. These woods are affordable and also durable for long period.


Hardness(Janka) :880
Dimensional Stability : Average


Maple wood floorings are available in creamy white to light reddish brown. It has uniform texture and subdued grain. Some maple woods are hard and some are soft based on their species. It gives a pleasant look to the floors and hard wearing.


Hardness(Janka) : 1450
Dimensional Stability : Average(Change Coefficient.00353)


Sucupira wood floorings have a pleasingly beautiful color that is widely used in residential homes with heavy traffic. These wood are medium or dark brown to reddish brown colored with irregular grain, closed texture and with very high dense.


Hardness(Janka) : 2140
Dimensional Stability : Average


Sapele are medium dark reddish brown to purplish brown color, while sapwood is whitish or pale yellow. These woods are used for hardwood floorings which has moderate durable, susceptible terminate attack based on their species. Their grains are interlocked and have fine texture.


Hardness(Janka) : 1500
Dimensional Stability : Good


Pyinkado is a very strong and hard timber suited for floorings in high traffic areas. It has a rich reddish brown with darker streaks, while sapwood is pale reddish white. Its grains are straight and interlocked with moderate texture. It is termite resistant, very durable and also called as Ironwood.


Hardness(Janka) : 2275
Dimensional Stability : Above Average


Iroko is available in yellow to golden or medium brown with color which looks like teak wood. It is very stiff and resistant to insect or decay and has medium to coarse texture. This timber is cost effective and affordable.


Hardness(Janka) : 1260
Dimensional Stability : Excellent


Wenge wood is very dark brown with black streaks which is porous and can be finished with fine filling to have glossiness. It is a unique looking timber which is featured with a simple elegance and is used for high-quality residential and commercial floorings. Wenge wood floors are durable and wear resistant which is suitable for rooms with spaces creating interesting contrast effects.


Hardness(Janka) :1630
Dimensional Stability : Excellent

Brown palm

These are a gorgeous dark brown color wood with grain and distinct marks. These woods are durable and termite resistant. Brown palm flooring is popularized recently for its look and smooth finish after installing.


Hardness(Janka) : 1600
Dimensional Stability : Above Average


Keledang is a very popular wood for heavy constructions, where it has grain interlocked moderately lustrous and with good stability. These woods are available in heartwood yellow to brown sometimes with an olive green tinge.


Hardness(Janka) : 1250
Dimensional Stability : Good


Doussie wood floorings are durable, easy to maintain and environmental friendly which is available in pale yellow to white in color, and the heartwood is light brown to reddish brown in color. Doussie are termites resistant and available at affordable price.


Hardness(Janka) : 1810
Dimensional Stability : Very Good

PARQUET flooring

We offer Parquet Wooden Flooring Strips. These are fabricated using high quality wood procured from market trusted vendors. We offer these strips in varied specifications and sizes to match the diversified requirements of our clients.


Oak Wood
For today's life style natural oak is the popular flooring material used for its beauty and environmental friendly. It is also cost effective, durable and knows for its longevity. It is a traditional wood that has been used as flooring for hundreds of years and continues to remain so today.

It can be furnished in various colors and glosses or it can be installed then finished according to the homeowner's tastes. It protect the floor for scratches and dent and last for many years. We provide services in floorings, parquet with oak natural woods.

When you look for wood flooring installation for building, hiring the right contractor to do the job is essential. At Sapphire parquet, we have experienced experts to do the job right . For over 10 years, we've been establishing a grade for quality workmanship, trustworthiness, Our work is guaranteed, and we use only the highest-quality materials and the most efficient installation methods.

At Sapphire parquet, we make certain that each wood floor is installed following strict industry standards so it provides a beautiful, long lasting floor for the homeowner.
We provide specialty installations:
  • Custom medallions
  • Borders
  • Mixing of woods
  • Stairs
  • Transitions between different flooring types
  • Patching and repair
Bona belt

Renovate your wooden floor is very easy. The Bona Belt's innovations include a solid framework for easy planning with increased power efficiency with the new Poly-V drive belt. Special transport wheels provide safety and expediency during transportation. Available as an 8" or 10" belt sander, the Bona Belt is tiny DCS well-suited.

Bona Belt machine
Dealing with the bona belt with sander is the biggest jobs. Precision lifting and lowering of the sanding drum makes this machine very easy to use.

Buffer flooring
Buffer flooring makes a vast way to shine even hard wood floor. This machine can be used to clean, polish and strip for hardwood floors. For floor stripping two colors of pad to be used Black Stripping Pad and Maroon Heavy Duty Stripping Pad.

These two types of pad can be used to cutting and finishing. Cutting pads are more difficult to work because its hard finishing wood floor. Polishing pads are used for finishing. Experts recommend using a lamb's wool material; however the pads for buffers come in several materials.
SAPPHIRE PARQUET will give you a strong foundation and high solid adhesives from Bonabond GmbH and Stauff GmbH. These can be finished by using nailing equipment.

Next step to finish the floor with sand and give them with good perfection. The floor is finally coated using Bona Tech range of 100% water borne polyurethanes from Bonakemi.