Why use wooden floorings?

1. Strength and durability:

Choosing standard hardwood flooring for residential or commercial areas will long last for generation. The hardness, durability and hardwearing of the wood can stand on high level traffic on the floors. Based on the hardness and quality of the wood its strength is considered.

2. Beauty of Wood floor:

Wood floor’s natural beauty give a warm and inviting feel for both eye and to touch. Installing wood floors to your home is an excellent way to increase the value of your home. These wood floors are available in different color range and grains that give an incredible and stylish look for your resident or commercial area.

3. Wood floor is easier to maintain:

When compare to other floorings like tile, stone or carpet, wood flooring is easier to clean and also time consuming. It just needs to sweep or vacuum your floor, where other flooring need to sweep and scrub or shampooing. Wood floor must have proper maintenance to have a pleasing and elegant look.

4. Redecorate your wood floor:

Other floorings cannot be remodeled or upgraded, which gives the same old look for your home. But you can redecorate your wood floor with stains, paints and inlays without changing any materials. This makes you feel the changes around your environment.

5. Repairs or recoa ting wood floor:

If the wood floor is properly maintained there is no need for sanding or recoating the floor for each time. But in due course if required, you can repair the floor by first sanding and recoating with stain, which is a form of recycling your wooden floor.

6. Better acoustics:

As per the acoustics study, properly installed wood floor are an excellent form for sound absorption, as they avoid hollow sound and vibrations.

7. Wood floor give less impact for feet and joints:

As wood are softer compared to other floorings, they give less impact for your feet and joints. This may also avoid the spine and leg problem. Standing on a wood floor make more comfortable than standing on a tiles or stone floor.

8. Wood to improve air quality:

When wood floor are sanded and polished, its dust or fumes may cause asthma or respiratory allergies for the allergens. So it is better to hide the allergens while sanding and installing the wood floor in your home. But as per the study of American lung association wood floors improve the air quality in your room or other living area wherever it is installed.

9. Wood home is an investment:

Wood Floors are never out of fashion and add real value to your home. Property owner get great profit from their rental homes or commercial area installed with hardwood floors. As wood floor last for long generation its value increases and the properties are resale for higher cost with faster sale.